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Octopus XS Compact

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Octopus XS Compact

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Octopus XS Compact uses the same casing as the XS Compact model made from special hi-tech polymers, the only difference being the yellow front cover. All the parts of XS Compact, most of which are patented, can be found on this regulator. The performance is extremely high, although the calibration is regulated so that the inhalation effort is slightly greater than on the XS Compact, to prevent any self-regulating possibility when it is used as a spare regulator. Octopus XS Compact suits all the Cressi first stages perfectly and all the first stages with an intermediate pressure between 9 and 10 bar.

-         Downstream system

-         Adjustable venturi effect

-         Patented antifriction lever

-         Big purge button

-         Anti-scratch surface

-         Bayonet-type cap holder with security lock

-         Removable exhaust tee without tools

-         Weight without hose: 135 gr


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