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BCDS - PHILIPPINES - OCEAN DIVE SUPPLY Make it easy for you to adjust your buoyancy in water

  • Dive shops favorite

    Dive shops favorite

    The Cressi Start and Start Pro quickly become a favorite in many dive shops as their rental BCD. Simple design […]
  • Aquawing, fits all

    Aquawing, fits all

    Cressi Aquawing have a clever system of adjusting the waist and shoulder strap with a simple move. This makes […]
  • Cressi Aquapro

    Cressi Aquapro

    The Aquapro have been around for many years and has been upgraded and improved to a very durable BCD 
  • Cressi Aquaride

    Cressi Aquaride

    A BCD with all feature you ever will need on a BCD, still light and comfortable. Intigrated wights pockets 

The BCD you choose is one of the keys to your comfort and safety underwater and on the surface.

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We stock the top end jackets on the market.

Our range meets the needs of every diver or dive centre.

Whether you're a beginner Diver or Instructor we have the Buoyancy Control Device you need. 

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Key factors:

1/ Quality -

  • Choose only the best brand. Your BCD is an investment for your comfort and safety in the water and on the surface. Select the best BCD for you to meet your needs.

2/ Volume -

  • Depending on the type of diving you plan to do the volume of the BCD you choose may differ.
    If most of your diving will be travel to tropical destination you may want to choose a light BCD like Travelight
  • If you carry a lot of accessories you might want to look at something with a bit more lift like the Aquaride, Start or Start Pro. All 3 of this BCD's have significant more buoyancy then the lighter style BCD's.

3/ Intergrated weights -

  • Again this depending very much where you do most of your dives. In cold water with thick Wetsuits or even Drysuits you may want to divide your weights between a Belt and Pockets. 
  • For tropical diving with very thin suits you may only need a couple of weights so the Fixed Gravidity Weight Pockets like on Aquapro or Start Pro might be enough to carry your weights. 
  • More serious weight system you find on Travel Light and Aquaride, both with Flat Lock Aid System weight pockets and with additional back weight pockets.

4/ Pockets & Accessories -

  • You probably want to have some kind of pockets to carry your accessories. 
  • D-rings are useful to attached light accessories you want ready to use rather then to have in the pockets. 
  • Pressure Relief Valves not only on your Inflator but also on your lower back  to allow you to release air and control your buoyancy while swimming in horisontal position.

5/ Size -

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