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DIVEMASTER CANDIDATE SET - PHILIPPINES - OCEAN DIVE SUPPLY Divemaster Candidate set for dive centers

This pages are only for Dive Center, Resorts and other related business holding a valid business permit. 

Below you will find a set of equipment the Dive Centers can offer to their Divemaster Candidates. The DM Candidate will have to pick one of each item in the core groups to make up the complete set for the Dive Center to receive a significant larger discount level offered for this package. The idea is the Dive Center sell the package to their DM Candidate rather then renting the equipment to them. As the DM become a professional he/she will need to have their own equipment anyway so why not get it during the course. 


Cressi Air mask Cressi Big Eyes maskCressi Metis rental maskCressi Focus maskCressi Eyes maskCressi Lince maskCressi Liberty maskCressi Zeus maskCressi F1 maskCressi Calibro maskCressi Matrix maskCressi Nano mask
Select between Air, Big Eyes, Metis, Focus, Eyes, Lince, Liberty, Zeus, Quantum, F1, Calibro, Matrix and Nano masks from Cressi. All of this mask comes in all black version with black silicone skirt or with clear silicone skirt with frame in an array of colours. Also some have coloured skirt and some have Crystal silicone skirts.


Cressi Alpha Ultra Dry snorkelCressi Dry snorkelCressi Tao snorkelCressi Sailfish snorkelCressi Omega Ultra Dry snorkelCressi Corsica snorkel
Select between Alpha Ultra Dry, Dry, Tao, Sailfish, Orion and Corsica snorkels. All are available in all black and also clear in different colour combination. 


Cressi Thor finsCressi Reaction finsCressi Ara finsCressi Frog Plus finsCressi Reaction Pro finsCressi Pro Star fins
The fins are offered in a selection of 4 open heel fins and 2 fullfoot fins. Select between Thor, Reaction, Ara and Frog Plus open heel fins or Reaction Pro and Pro Star fullfoot fins. The Ara comes with EBS finstraps while Thor and Reaction are available with both standard or EBS finstraps.


Cressi Start rental BCDCressi Start Pro rental BCDCressi Aquapro 5 rental BCDCressi Aquaride rental BCDCressi Aquapro 5 BCDCressi S2011 BCD
The selection of BCD's for your Divemaster Candidate are Start, Start Pro, Aquapro-5 2016, Aquaride, Aquapro 5 (limited sizes and quantity) and S2011 (limited sizes and quantity). This gives a selections for all budgets and personal preferences. 


Cressi T10 Galaxy regulatorCressi XS Compact - MC9 regulatorCressi XS Compact - AC2 regulatorCressi Master - T10SC regulatorCressi MG Balance octopusCressi XS Compact octopus
For the regulators the Candidates have a wide range to choose from, T10 1st stage teamed up with either Galaxy or Master 2nd stages. The lightweight XS Compact  2nd stage with MC9 or AC2 1st stages, the old workhorse XS2/AC2 combination is another alternative. For the Octopus the choice is open for all 3 available 2nd stages, MG Balance, XS Compact and XS Ocotpus.


Cressi console 2 for rental in BAR or PSICressi Pressure gauge for rentalCressi Digi2 console for rentalCressi Console 3Cressi PD2 consoleCressi CP2 console
For the consoles you have a choice of the Console 2 (pressure and depth gauge), PD2 Console (pressure and depth gauge), Digi 2, Console 3 (pressure, depth gauge and compass), CP2 Console (pressure gauge and compass), Digi SPG or Pressure gauge (SPG), most are available in BAR or PSI. 


Cressi Castoro 5mm wetsuitsWaterproof W1 5mm wetsuitCressi Morea rental wetsuitWaterproof W3 3.5mm wetsuitsBody Glove Pro3 rental wetsuitWaterproof W30 2.5mm wetsuit
We offer a selection of 6 different fullsuits for you to choose from, Cressi Castoro 5mm and Morea 3mm, Waterproof W1 5mm, W3 3.5mm and W30 2.5mm and from Body Glove Pro 3 3/2mm. All suits comes gender specific as neoprene is not really flexible enough to be unisex. 


Cressi 5mm highcut rental bootsWaterproof B1 6mm rental bootsWaterproof B50 5mm rental bootsCressi Lowcut 3mm rental bootsCressi Ultra Stretch rental socksWaterproof S30 2mm rental socks
We have included both Cressi and Waterproof boots and socks for you to choose from in the complete package. The High 5mm and Lowcut 3mm boots from Cressi offer a great value for money while the B1 6.5mm semidry and B50 5mm boots from Waterproof offer some different feature you may look for. The Cressi Ultra Stretch and Waterproof S30 socks adds both warmth and comfort if you using fullfoot fin. 

Optional Add-ons

Cressi Neon computerCressi Michelangelo computerCressi Orca KnifeCressi Borg knifeSurface Marker SM7 WDS markerSurface Marker FC marker
This items are not required in the package but an offer to add on this useful pieces of equipment for the Divemaster Candidate to the same high discount level if purchased together with the package.
Computers offered is Giotto, Leonardo and Michelangelo in puck size and Cartesio, Goa and Neon in watch size. 
Knives is all 9 available Cressi knife we have in stock.
For the surface marker (SMB's) we offer all we carry in stock from Cressi and the wide selection from Surface Marker.  

Available in our stores in Alona - Bohol, Boracay island, Cebu, Coron - Busuanga, Dumaguete - Negros, Mactan - Cebu, Makati - Manila, Sabang - Puerto Galera and ODS Online 

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