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FULL RENTAL DIVE SET - PHILIPPINES - OCEAN DIVE SUPPLY Complete rental set for dive centers

This pages are only for Dive Center, Resorts and other related business holding a valid business permit. 

Below you will find the equipment offered in our complete rental set for dive centers and resorts. You will have to pick one of each item to make up the complete set to receive the significant larger discount level offered for this package. It's two different discount levels for the packages, 1-4 and 5+ sets.
Add-on a rental computer, Leonardo or Michellangelo for each set with a 50% discount.


Perla rental maskRental mask Cressi OndaCressi Metis rental maskCressi Sirena rental maskCressi Sailfish rental maskCressi Sailfish Junior rental mask
Select between Perla, Onda, Metis, Sirena, Sailfish and Sailfish Junior (small adult) mask from Cressi or any combination of the those masks. Most of this mask comes in all black version with black silicone skirt or with clear silicone skirt with frame in an array of colours. 


Cressi Island rental snorkelCressi Gringo rental snorkelCressi Sailfish Junior rental snorkelCressi Sailfish rental snorkelCressi Sailfish rental snorkel all blackCressi Mexixo rental snorkel
Select between Island, Gringo, Sailfish, Sailfish Jr and Mexico snorkels or you may go for a combination of some of those. Gringo is only available in all black while the rest comes in different colour combination including all black. 


Cressi Pro Light rental finsCressi Pro Star renta finsCressi Pro Light rental finsCressi Free Frog rental finsCressi Free Frog rental finsCressi Frog rental fins
Here you have a choice of two excelent rental fins, the undestructable Frog fins that have been around for ages. Cressi have tried to stop produce them on several occations but they alway bounce back due to the market demand of this brilliant rental fins. The Pro Star is a more modern design with the advantage of a much lighter fins that also have proved to be a great rental fins for the dive centers.
Both this fins also comes in a Full foot version, Free Frog and Pro Star, both with the same blade as their open heel brothers.


Cressi Start rental BCDCressi Start Pro rental BCDCressi Aquapro 5 rental BCDCressi Aquaride rental BCDCressi Start Pro rental BCDCressi Start Pro rental BCD
The selection of BCD's for your complete rental set is down to this 4 jackets. Cress Start BCD has been design primarly for dive center rental use with a very simple and rubust design, ideal for rental. The Start Pro is basically the same jacket with the weight pocket added. Aquapro 5 is an oldtimer that have been the first choice before the simpler Start come on the market, still great for rental, instructor or personal use. Aquaride may not be so popular as rental due to the cost and is more for dive centers that want a bit of an upmarket jacket for rental.


Cressi XS Compact - AC2 rental regulatorCressi XS Compact - AC2 rental regulatorCressi XS2 - AC2 rental regulatorCressi XS Compact - AC2 rental regulatorCressi XS2 - AC2 rental regulatorCressi AC2 2nd stage rental regulator
We are offering two different second stages together with what we believe is the is the best rental first stage on the market, AC2. You can choose between the XS Compact/AC2 or XS2/AC2 regulator set with the matching Octopus. Both sets have proved to work very well as rental sets in the dive centers, the XS Compact is slightly smaller and lighter than the XS2 if that is what you are looking for. Regardless of your choice both are easy and inexpensive to service and maintain, additional if the sets are purchase from ODS or any re-seller the service fee is waived and only parts are charged for when serviced in one of our service center.


Cressi console 2 for rental in BAR or PSICressi Pressure gauge for rentalCressi Digi2 console for rentalCressi Digi2 console for rentalCressi Digi2 console for rentalCressi Digi2 console for rental
For the analog consoles you have a choice of the Console 2 (pressure and depth gauge) or the Pressure gauge (SPG), both are available in BAR or PSI. As many dive center request the student and divers using dive computers the Pressure gauge only options is more economical option. If you want to got a bit upmarket the Digi2 is an excelent choice.


Cressi Lui and Lei rental wetsuitsWaterproof W30 rental wetsuitCressi Morea rental wetsuitCressi Summer rental wetsuitsBody Glove Pro3 rental wetsuitCressi Playa rental shorty wetsuit
The rental wetsuit is probably the most important piece of rental gear. If your customer are cold and uncomfortable they  will most likely not do the next dive of the day and you are losing more income than what a good wetsuit cost you. We offer a selection of 5 different fullsuits for you to choose from, Cressi Lui/Lei, Morea, Summer (limited supply), Waterproof W30, Body Glove Pro 3 and one shorty, Playa, all are around 3mm. All suits comes gender specific as neoprene is not really flexible enough to be unisex. 


Cressi 5mm highcut rental bootsWaterproof B1 6mm rental bootsWaterproof B50 5mm rental bootsCressi Lowcut 3mm rental bootsCressi Ultra Stretch rental socksWaterproof S30 2mm rental socks
We have included both Cressi and Waterproof boots and socks for you to choose from in the complete package. The High 5mm and Lowcut 3mm boots from Cressi offer a great value for money while the B1 6.5mm semidry and B50 5mm boots from Waterproof offer some different feature you may look for. The Cressi Ultra Stretch and Waterproof S30 socks adds both warmth and comfort for your customer if you using fullfoot fins in your rental program. 

Available in our stores in Alona - Bohol, Boracay island, Cebu, Coron - Busuanga, Dumaguete - Negros, Mactan - Cebu, Makati - Manila, Sabang - Puerto Galera and ODS Online 

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