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    Hot or Cold, your choice

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    Spare Air Big brother

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    Be visible on the surface

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The dive accessories for diving is endless and you may not need them all but they are all good to have

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We stock only quality dive accessories.

Our huge range of dive accessories meets the needs of every underwater explorer.

Whether you're a Snorkeler, Diver or Freediver we have the dive accessories you need. 

Holders and hangers for accessoriesSignal devices to call for boats or buddiesEar drops, fluid, lubricants and glueNitrox analysers and nitrox accessoriesMask strap tamers and mask accessoriesSurface Marker Buoys, Reel and Lift bags

Key factors:

1/ Quality -

  • Choose only the best brands. The dive accessories is sometimes lifesaving and is an investment in your underwater experience. Select the best dive accessories for your type of diving.

2/ Signal devices -

  • You may need to get your dive buddies attention both under the water and also above the water. A simple whistle is alway good to carry to be able to call the boat or buddies on the surface. A louder option is the Dive Alert that work both above as underwater as a signal device, probably the most efficient signal device on the market.
  • Rattles Stick works well underwater to get your buddies attention and so do a good Tankbanger

3/ SMB's and Lift Bags -

  • On the subject of safety equipment like Signal devices equal important is it to be visible when you reach the surface after a dive. Even in small waves the boat may have problems to see you on the surface, a Surface Marker Buoy is an essential part of your dive accessories. A good practice is to "shoot" up an SMB already from the safety stop at the end of the dive, give the boat a few more minutes to locate the divers BEFORE they surface. You can use different way of controlling the line for this, like with the Surface Marker's WDS or a simple reel.

4/ Nitrox -

  •  With Nitrox (higher % of O2 than 21%) you have to analyse the air inside the tank with an analyser and make sure the tank/cylinder is marked with Nitrox.

5/ Fluids and Glue -

  • Neoprene glue is something very handy to have as it is very easy to rip a hole in a wetsuit. 
    Cressi Special Cement is one of the better on the market specially if are gluing two pieces together without overlap.
  • Defog drops or spray for the mask or goggles is a nicer way to defog than to spit in the mask even if both ways works.
  • Some are more susceptible to Swimmers ears problem and it can be good to prevent the problem with Ear Shield before the dive and Ear Drops to dry the ears after the dive or snorkeling session.
  • Silicone grease and spray needed for your equipment lubrications.

6/Finclip - 

  • Finclip is a revolutionary piece of dive accessory to really make it easy to don and remove your fins in all situations. Works the same way as you don your downhill skies, check it out here and don't miss the video.

7/ Other Accessories -

  • Accessories holders like Octopus holders, Retractors and Hose clips are always useful items to have. Hangers for your wetsuits and BCD/Regulator set is handy too.
  • Mask accessories includes the Anti-Fog products mention above as well as the mask strap tamers. With the tamers you still use your silicone mask strap so you don't lose any flexibility but get a nice smooth mask strap.

See All Dive Accessories Here

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