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SNORKELING MASKS - PHILIPPINES - OCEAN DIVE SUPPLY Choose the right mask for your Snorkel experience

  • Cressi Duke Mask

    Cressi Duke Mask

    The Cressi Duke mask is a new full face snorkeling mask with some new thinking. 
  • Cressi Snorkeling Mask

    Cressi Snorkeling Mask

    Here you find a great variation of different snorkeling mask from Cressi in full size or what we call adult […]
  • Low price Snorkeling masks

    Low price Snorkeling…

    Sailfish mask is an adult size mask made of silicone. The low price gives you a great value for your money […]
  • NEW Junior size mask from Cressi

    NEW Junior size mask…

    Sailfish Junior mask fits both small adults and Junior divers and snorkelers. Made of silicone with an easy […]

The Mask you choose is one of the keys to your comfort and happiness while snorkeling.

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We stock only the best masks on the market and have a range design to meet the need of every in water explorer, all to affordable price.

Mask for Snorkeling and Diving with coloured skirtSmall mask for junior snorkelersAdult size mask for Snorkeling and Diving, ideal for rentalAdult size mask for Snorkeling and Diving with coloured skirtMask for Snorkeling and Diving, ideal for dive schoolsAdult size mask for Snorkeling and Diving, ideal for rental

The key factors in choosing the mask for you are:

1/ quality -

  • Choose only the best brands as you will have your mask for years.

2/ single or twin lens -

The advantages of the twin lens style of maske are:

  • Typically a 2-lens mask have smaller volume, something that are useful when you get into do some freedives while snokeling. 

The advantages of the single lens style of maske are:

  • No center part of the mask so it gives you a very clear view.

3/ Dark or Clear Skirt -

  • Clear skirts let more light into the mask to give your snorkel experience a bit brighter feeling.
  • Some snorkelers do not like the reflection clear skirts may cause on the inside of the lens and therefore choose a dark skirt or the more and more popular coloured skirts.

4/ size - 

  • As we all comes in different sizes and so do our faces, we may think about what size of mask to choose. In general females have smaller faces and of course our next generation of explorers have even smaller again.
  • We can put them in three different classes, Regular (large) where you find masks like the F1, Focus and Ocean.
  • Medium size mask will be F1 Small, Perla and Metis.
  • Junior mask like Marea Jr, Sailfish Jr, Piumetta, Sirenetta and Moon.
  • Additional you have the Fullface snorkeling mask that getting more and more popular among snorklers. 

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Price list for all snorkeling masks

See our full face snorkelling mask including the NEW Cressi Duke mask

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