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  • Great NEWS from L&W

    Great NEWS from L&W

    L&W Compressors have added 3 new models to their already wide program of air compressors for SCUBA diving. […]
  • The Ardennes in Stock

    The Ardennes in Stock

    L&W 450E III is the true workhorse of air compressors. Deliver 450 liter per minute or 15.9 cfm at 1100 […]
  • NEW - Small Silent

    NEW - Small Silent

    The silent air compressors of L&W Compressor have got two additional unit in the new LW150ES and LW200ES […]
  • The Junior in the family

    The Junior in the family

    The LW100 Series of small compact lightweight air compressors offer the user a few different model to choose […]

The Compressor you choose is one of the keys for your dive operation to run smoothly.

We offering top of the line air compressors from Germany.

Our range meets the needs of every dive centre, dive boat or industrial application.

Whether you need a small Scuba compressor for your yacht, a large size for your dive center or industrial need we have the air compressor you need from L&W Compressors. 

Cressi BCD's Octopus holderL&W 320E MC electric compressor Cressi BCD's AquarideLW1300E Compressor with electric motorL&W Filling panelLW100 Compressor with gasoline engine

Key factors:

1/ Quality -

  • Choose only the best brand. Your air compressor and compressor room accessories is a major investment for your operation so quality is very important. 

2/ Compressors -






3/ Air Cooler -

  • Filter capacity and filter life, an important theme with financial implications for professional filling stations where cost control is vital. The life of a filter is strongly influenced by the running temperature of the compressor and ambient temperature.
  •  Example: LW 450E III at +20°C outlet temperature has a filter life of approx.38 hrs, at +35°C this time is reduced to just 10 hours! If the air is cooled down to +3°C after the final compression stage before it enters the final separator, the life of the filter cartridge can be extended up to 6 times, in extreme tropical conditions 10 times!

4/ Filling Panels -

  • The modular design guarantees that filling stations can be extended to adapt to your future requirements. The panels are available with either 200, 232 or 300 bar filling pressure (3000/4500 psi) or as dual pressure filling panels for simultaneous filling without the need to select the pressure.
  •  The filling panels are available from 2 to 10 outlets.

 5/ Accessories -

  • We offer a number of different accessories for your compressor room, please click here for details.

Available in our stores in Alona - Bohol, Boracay island, Cebu, Coron - Busuanga, Dumaguete - Negros, Makati - Manila, Small Lalaguna beach - Puerto Galera, Sabang - Puerto Galera and  ODS Online

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