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  • Cressi Digital SPG

    Cressi Digital SPG

    Cressi's latest digital console, DIGI, a subersible pressure gauge that give you a very accurate reading […]
  • Cressi Console PD2

    Cressi Console PD2

    The Console PD2 has a more modern look than the older version Console 2. Both have the same gauges, only […]
  • Cressi Console CP2

    Cressi Console CP2

    If you have a good dive computer you may feel you don't need a depth gauge in your console. CP2 offer you […]
  • Cressi Digi2 Console

    Cressi Digi2 Console

    Modern digital console from Cressi that giving you all information in digital reading. Air pressure, Depth, […]

The console you choose is one of the keys to your safety when diving.

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We stock only the best consoles on the market.

Our wide range meets the needs of every underwater explorer, both analog and digital.

We have the console you need to have a safe and enjoyable dive. 

Dive console Pressure gauge - SPGCressi Console 2 with pressure and depth gauge  Cressi Consol PD2 with pressure and depth gaugeDigital console with multi informationCressi console CPD3 with compass, pressure and depth gaugeCressi console 2 with compass and pressure gauge

Key factors:

1/ Quality -

  • Choose only the best brands. Your console is an investment in your underwater experience and will last many years. Select the best console for you to meet your needs.

2/ Pressure gauge only or Console 2 or 3 -

The advantage of the Pressure gauge (SPG) only:

  • Just one little gauge that can easily be tucked away during the dive and easy to read with only one information
  • Less drag through the water and risk for dragging console over the corals.
  • The only thing you need if you wear a computer for the other information needed such time and depth. 

The advantage of the Console 2 or 3:

  • You have all information needed in one place.

3/ Analog or Digital -

  • Analog show the information with a neddle on a scale that gives you a quick reference where on the scale you are.
  • Also the analog have one separate gauge for each information, makes it easy to separate the readings.
  • The Digital gauge have a more precise reading as it comes in number rather than on a scale.
  • Also have more information 

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