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DIVE SPARE PARTS - PHILIPPINES - OCEAN DIVE SUPPLY Nothing last forever so you will need spares

  • Regulator spare and kit

    Regulator spare and…

    Here you find anything between a tie wrap for the mouthpiece to full service kits for your Cressi regulators. […]
  • Compressor Spares

    Compressor Spares

    Filter catridge for L&W Compressors together with all the spares for the schedule maintenance and common […]
  • Dive Computer spares

    Dive Computer spares

    Computer straps for all Cressi's dive computers in the different coloured offer. Batteries and kit so you […]
  • Tank valve spares

    Tank valve spares

    Thermo valve spares to ensure your tank valve run smooth and without any leak. Clear disgram to make sure […]

The Spare Parts is always needed as nothing last forever and it is important to maintain your dive equipment to enjoy safe and comfortable dives.

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We stock a good variation of spares often with multiple choices.

Our range meets the needs of every diver or dive centre.

BCD Inflator Bypass completeBlack mouthpiece for Corsica and Mexico snorkelBlack silicone snorkel keeper Maskstrap buckles for Onda-Perla-SirenaRegulator hose for octopus 40 inch lengthFinstrap EBS complete

Key factors:

1/ Quality -

  • We make sure to stock the original spare parts with the best possible quality. If you have top quality equipment and replace items with low quality spares you equipment is not top anymore.

2/ Regulator Spare Parts -

  • Most regulators are recommended to be service annually and for Cressi's regulators it is a service kit for each them.
  • It's also recommended to change all items in the service kit, this is often overlooked and it might be a problem between the annual serviced.
  • For Cressi regulators purchased from ODS or any of our dealer the labour cost is free so you only get charged for the service kit if you serviced you regulator in any of our service center.

3/ Computer Spare Parts -

  • Computer spare part is down to three items, Battery, Strap and Screen protection. 
  • Batteries typical last for 1-3 years depending on the model.
  • Straps and Screen protections life span depend a lot of the amount of use and exposure to sun and salt water. Keep an eye on your dive computer strap as you don't want it to break off during a dive.

4/ Tank Valve Spare Parts -

  • The valves for the tanks or if you like to call it cylinders need maintenance like the rest of the equipment. How often depend of amount of use and how it is handle. 
  • We stock the Thermo spare parts  for the valves, good quality that last longer than most. 

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Price list for tank valve, regulators, mask, snorkel and fins

Available in our stores in Alona - Bohol, Boracay island, Cebu, Coron - Busuanga, Dumaguete - Negros, Mactan - Cebu, Makati - Manila, Sabang - Puerto Galera and  ODS Online

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