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DIVE GLOVES - PHILIPPINES - OCEAN DIVE SUPPLY Keep your hands and fingers warm

  • Dive Gloves

    Dive Gloves

    Even in tropical water you may start to get white finger tips due to the heat loss in your hands. This is […]
  • Cressi Tropical Gloves

    Cressi Tropical Gloves

    Made of two soft materials, napa for the palms that get very soft in contact with water. A 2mm neoprene layer […]
  • Waterproof 1.5mm

    Waterproof 1.5mm

    A 3-D shaped gloves made of Amara leather and flexible neoprene . A glove to be used in tropical condition.
  • WP 3mm - 50% OFF

    WP 3mm - 50% OFF

    This stylish glove features a glide skin interior and a long zipper for easy donning. Polyurethane embossed […]

The Gloves you choose is one of the keys to your comfort and enjoyment when Diving or Freediving.

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We stock only the best Gloves on the market.

Our range meets the needs of every underwater explorer in tropical waters.

Whether you're a Snorkeler, Diver or Freediver we have the Gloves you need. 

Thin gloves for tropical useThin 1.5mm neoprene gloves for tropical use3mm neoprene gloves for tropical useThin gloves for tropical useThin 1.5mm neoprene gloves for tropical use3mm neoprene gloves for tropical use

Key factors:

1/ Quality -

  • Choose only the best brands. Your gloves is an investment in your in-water experience. Select the best gloves for you to meet your needs.

2/ Material -

  • Neoprene is the most common material for in water use but there are also Amara used for thinner gloves..
  • The Neoprene give you better thermal protection while the Amara is more flexible, often used in the palm area of thin gloves. 

3/ Purpose -

  • The body reacts to cold and heat by adjusting the blood stream to the external parts of the body, like hands, fingers and feet. “White Fingers” is a common condition and a proof for this ability to direct the blood flow. Even in tropical condition can this be a problem.
  • To prevent this heat loss in water we wear gloves to stop the waterflow around our hands and fingers.  

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