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  • Waterproof Hoods

    Waterproof Hoods

    Waterproof Hoods are available in both 2mm and 3/5mm, the first without bib. Both are doing the job to prevent […]
  • Cressi Hoods

    Cressi Hoods

    Cressi hoods are all made of 3 & 5mm, the latter have the flexible neoprene to make it easy to put on […]
  • Fun Hoods

    Fun Hoods

    Our fun hoods will bring a smile on everybodys lips but they do also protect the head. As it is no neck on […]
  • Cressi Hooded Vest

    Cressi Hooded Vest

    SAVE Php 626. Vest with attached hood is by far the most effective add-on to a wetsuit if you need to get […]

The dive hood you choose is one of the keys to your comfort when diving or freediving.

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We stock only the best quality dive hoods on the market.

Our wide range of dive hoods meets the needs of every underwater explorer.

Whether you're a Snorkeler, Diver or Freediver we have the hood you need. 

A comfortable hood made of good quality neoprene from CressiVery comfortable hood from Cressi made of top quality neopreneHood made of soft top quality neoprene from CressiHood with bid made from 3/5mm top quality neopreneA 2mm vest with the H1 hood attachedA 2mm hood from Waterproof made from quality neoprene

Key factors:

1/ Quality -

  • Choose only the best brands. Your hood is an investment in your in water experience. Select the best hood for you to meet your needs.

2/ Style -

  • As the purpose with the hood is to prevent heat loss around your head and neck we have a few styles to choose from.
  • Hoods that just have a short neck like the one we have from Cressi does protect your head and most of the neck from heat loss. As the short neck interfeares very little with your head movements some divers prefer this style.
  • Hoods with a bib like the Waterproof H1 gives you full thermal protection around your neck as the bib overlaps with the wetsuit. 

3/ Thickness -

  • Hoods comes in different thicknesses of the material just like the wetsuits.
  • Most common ones are the 3mm neoprene hoods with pure neoprene around your face to make a seal and have all the same thickness. 
  • The Waterproof H30 is made of just 2mm neoprene without any seals and this may be enough in most tropical water.
  • Waterproof H1 is made with a combination of 3mm and 5mm neoprene to add extra thermal protection in the most critical areas.

4/ Vest or Hooded vest -

  • Some manufacturers produce a hood attached to a neoprene vest to add a bit of extra insulation around your vital organs and totally seal off the neck and head from water flow.
  • Typical is a 2mm vest connected to one of the hoods above like the Waterproof U1 or Cressi Hooded Vest Castoro.
  • For divers who don't like to have a hood attached to the vest we do offer Waterproof U30 Vest, made of 2mm top quality neoprene.

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Price list of all hoods and hooded vest

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