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SNORKELING SUITS - PHILIPPINES - OCEAN DIVE SUPPLY Will keep you Warm and Comfortable in the water

  • Nice sunny day

    Nice sunny day

    Lovely to be in the ocean when the water is nice a warm on a sunny day but many have ruin their holiday by […]
  • Stay protected

    Stay protected

    Even in warm water you masy get a bit chilly after awhile. Good to wear a thin wetsuit both for sun protection […]
  • Waterproof Neonskin

    Waterproof Neonskin

    Neonskin is a 1mm wetsuit from Waterproof, ideal for snorkeling in warm water. Gives you full protection 
  • Cressi One suit

    Cressi One suit

    Another 1mm suit but this is from Cressi, One gives you full protection from the burning sun and also add […]

The Body Protection you choose is one of the keys to your comfort in water.

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We stock a broad variation of Dive Suits and Accessories for thermal protection, the best selection in the country.

Our range of wetsuits and diveskin meets the needs of every diver, free diver, snorkeller, swimmer or dive centre.

Whether you're a beginner Snorkeler, Instructor or Dive Centre we have the suit and protection you need. 

Shorts and Tops for additional thermal protection and comfortRash Guard to protect against sunburns and stingers in the waterFull lycra suit or skin for protection against sunburn and aquatic stingers1mm neoprene suit for full body and thermal protectionShorty wetsuit for thermal protection 3mm neoprene suit for full body and thermal protection

Key factors:

1/ Quality -

  • Choose only the best brand. Your Body Protection is an investment for your comfort in the water. Select the best suit for your needs as it will last many years.

2/ Style -

  • Shorty or Fullsuit, depending on the condition and activity where you will use the suit you may pick between a Shorty (short arm and legs) or a Fullsuit.
  • Shorties are very popular not only for Divers but also for Free Divers, Snorklers, Kiters and Surfers. Good when you require free movements with minimal restriction. Gives you limited thermal protections and protections from sunburn. Can also be used as an extra layer on top of your fullsuit.
  • Fullsuits gives you additional thermal protection as well as protection against sunburn and aquatic animal burns (jellyfish and stingers). This is good if you spend a lot of time on the surface like Free Divers, Snorklers and Surfers.

3/ Thickness -

  • Thickness vary from a Rash Guard or Lycra Suit to 7mm. Thinner suits give more freedom in movements but limited thermal and abrasion protection while thicker suit gives you more protection but restricted movements.
  • 1mm thinkness (thinkness of neoprene rubber) will give you good pretections agains burns from sun and stingers but limited thermal and abrasion protection. May be used in very warm water (29-30°C/84-86°F) or as a First Layer under your regular wetsuit.
  • 3mm suits may vary from 2.5-3.5mm and are the most common used in the tropical condition with water temperature around 27-30°C/81-86°F. This is the kind of suit you will find as the rental suits in most shops in the Philippines. 

 4/ First Layer -

  • To add protection and comfort you may want to have a somethinng to wear under your main suit or just to be worn on its own.
  • Neoprene Pants & Tops are popular and even more so are the Rash Guards and Lycra Suits

 5/ Gender & Size -

  • When it comes to very thin flexible material like Rash Guards and Dive Skins it is not so critical with specific gender cuts but with neoprene wetsuits it is.
  • If you call a wetsuit for unisex it would means it is most likely a men cut and the ladies just have to squeeze into it. Men and Women do differ in shape and the cut on a wetsuit need to be different for the different gender.
  • The sizes typeically comes in XXS-XXL but on some suits we also have XXXS and XXXL. 

  • Size Chart for First Layer Rash Guard, Neoskin, WP Skin, U1 and U30
    Size Chart for Shorty Wetsuit Playa, Med and W30
    Size Chart for Wetsuits Lui/Lei, Castoro, Summer, Apnea, W1, W2, W3 and W30

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