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  • Cressi Lumia Dive Light

    Cressi Lumia Dive Light

    The Lumia dive light from Cressi is the latest in Cressi line of Dive Lights. Switch have three position […]
  • Nanight Sport Dive Light

    Nanight Sport Dive…

    Nanight Sport light is a compact all-round dive light for different applications. With 3 different options […]
  • UW Kinetic SL4 UV-395

    UW Kinetic SL4 UV-395

    Ultra Violet light for sale with a 40% discount. The SL4 UV-395 has a light that brings out the fluorescent […]
  • Aqualite Video light

    Aqualite Video light

    At a killer 1200 lumens, the new Aqualite Pro will knock your socks off! A perfect low-profile light for […]

The dive light you choose is one of the keys to your safety and enjoyment when diving or freediving.

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We stock only the best quality dive lights on the market.

Our wide range of dive lights meets the needs of every underwater explorer.

Whether you're a Snorkeler, Diver or Freediver we have the dive light you need. 

Small LED light to be used either as main or backup lightLED light used as main or backup lightLight LED used as a main light with separate battery packSmall LED mainly for day dives or backup lightSmall compact LED dive lightStrong LED light to be used as main dive light

Key factors:

1/ Quality -

  • Choose only the best brands. Your dive light is an investment for your in-water experience. Select the best flashlight for you to meet your needs as it will last you for a long time if you look after it.

2/ Rechargeable or Non-Rechargeable batteries -

  • Dive lights that comes with rechargeable batteries are more expensive to initially purchase but you don't have to buy new batteries for many hundred hours of use in most cases. This means it could be a cheaper option in the end.
  • Disposable alkaline batteries tend to last longer than a rechargeable type for one single use but can't be used again and need to be replaced with new ones.
  • What to choose depend more on the location where your dive light will be used. If you are diving mostly from a boat with no power outlets or in remote areas the disposeable might be the only option you have.  

3/ Main Dive Light or Backup Light -

  • If you are diving in very poor visibility or mainly use the light for night dives you may want to look for some powerful light like the Nanight, UW Kinetic Aqualite or C4 L2 light.
  • In tropical clear water condition you may get away with a bit smaller main light, like the Cressi Lucciola or Lumia or the UW Kinetics SL 3 or SL4, all poweful enough for a night dive in clear water. 
  • A smaller backup light, like the one mention above or the UW Kinetics MiniQ 40 is always advisable to carry during night dives, this dive light can also be used for daylight diving. If you carry a dive light during you day diving you will find you use it often to see under overhangs and in holes in the reef.

4/ Dive lights for Rental -

  • In a perfect world the rechargeable lights are obviously the way to go but....... If a customer manage to flood your expensive rental light it might be hard to charge him/she for it.
  • If you go for the alkaline battery lights you want to look for something that have a long burning time so you don't have to change battery after every night dive. The most cost effective dive light we stock is the UW Kinetic SL3, it gives you 425 lumens and a burining time of 5.5 hours to a very reasonable price.

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