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Free Weight Pouch With Aquaride And Travelight Bcd's

When purchase Cressi Aquaride and Travelight BCD's you will get 2 pcs of this Weight Pouch for free to protect the back weight pockets Soft Neoprene Weight Pouch to protect your weight pockets from sharp corner of the lead weights. Also for BCD's with trim […]

Drake And Newton Super Sale

This computers are brand new computers and are working perfectly fine as they were built to but there is no back light. As we realise none of the back light works we have further lower the price to well under 50% the original price when […]

Clearance Sale Of Mini Q40

We clear out the Underwater Kinetics MiniQ 40 with a 20% Sale. MiniQ 40 eLED is a back-up and day dive light from Underwater Kinetics that have been around for quite some years now. It has been replaced with the MiniQ 40 MK2 model but we […]

Cressi Action Mask 20% Off

Mask with Action Camera holder for snorkeling and diving. Cressi Action mask is a low volume 2-lens mask with a holder for action cameras. The diver or snorkler can easy shot the video hands free and can easy point the camera in the right direction. […]

Be Safe, Be Seen, Be Heard

Add any Surface Marker Buoy together with any Signal device and receive a 10% package discount.Product is called Safety Pack  From first group you have the Surface Marker Buoy's (SMB's) from Cressi, Surface Marker and Trident. You select from the large range of our SMB's with […]