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Cressi Dive Light For Sale

Cressi Lumia dive light for sale with a 20% discount. Torch with a highly asymmetric design boasts excellent ergonomics and a highly tactile perception of its geometric characteristics. Thanks to this particular design, the switch position is immediately found without needing to use your eyesight.Switch […]

Waterproof G1 3mm Glove For Sale

High quality 3mm neoprene gloves from Waterproof Diving for sale with 50% discount. G1 3mm - 5-FingerThis stylish glove features a glide skin interior and a long zipper for easy donning. Polyurethane embossed section in the palm provides a non-slip grip and abrasion protection. The Glove-grip […]

Cressi 2011 Bcd's Clearance Sale

                    The Cressi S2011 Scuba Diving BCD was the top BCD in the Cressi range before it did get discontinued. It has significant more buoyancy than most jackets and fully integrated weight pocket.Superb features make it […]

Buy Onda Or Perla Mask To Get A Free Island Snorkel

Buy a Onda or Perla mask and get a Cressi Island clear snorkel for FREE Cressi Onda mask is one of our most popular rental mask as it fits most students and divers. Also very popular for snorkelers. The skirt is made from soft hypoallergenic […]