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New Products From Waterproof Diving

Equipment TSoderstrom COMMENTS 06 Apr, 2024

New W5 wetsuit, G2 gloves & B2 boots

The latest products from Waterproof Diving has arrived.

3.5mm fullsuit from Waterproof for sale in the PhilippinesThe W5 3.5mm has been designed to set new standards in performance and style, and is made with the same high quality standards as our top-of-the-line suits. All packed into a smart and stylish Scandinavian design for the diver who demand the best and not afraid to show it.
As always with the Waterproof suits it comes in specific gender cut.
Men sizes are XS to XXL and Lady sizes are XS to XL.

3.5mm fullsuit from Waterproof for sale in the PhilippinesThe W5 includes all the features you have come to expect in every Waterproof product like high quality material and anatomical fit. It is made of high stretch Nylon/Elastane with 100% Microcell CR Neoprene, handmade, glued and blind stitched. Additionally it includes all of the features from our heavier lines like a comfort zipper in the neck, flow guards in the wrists and ankles and embossed Duratex flexible kneepads and elbow protectors.

6.5mm highcut boots from Waterproof for sales in the Philippines
Keeping your feet protected from cold is essential for overall warmth, your mother told you so didn’t she?  Waterproof  keeps Mom and your feet happy by offering a boot range that is built for extreme conditions. This is a tough 6.5mm semi-dry boot with an extra long zipper for easy donning. The heels and toes are strengthened and the boot has an angled design for less stress while finning. Sizes from XXS to XXL.

1.5mm gloves from Waterproof for sales in the Philippines TROPIC GLOVE Stretch neoprene with panels of wave flex and a hand palm area with Amara leather.
3-D shaped, Pre bent fingers
Velcro closing, Amara leather palm
I-Span superstretch nylon
Bonded Hi-Quality Nylon thread
Available in Size: XS, S, M, L, XL.


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