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Brand New 450 Compressor For Sale

Equipment TSoderstrom COMMENTS 17 Apr, 2021

We have a brand new LW450E III compressor with an Air Cooler to go with it ready for delivery here in the Philippines. 
The new LW 450 E III is a slow-rotating compressor with low maintenance intervals and therefore low service costs.

450 liter/min compressor from L&W Compressors The compressor deliver 450 L/min (15.9 cfm). It is suitable for continuous running and for being used in three-shift operations at breathing air and high-pressure applications as it only runs on 1100 rpm.
Ideal for medium and large size dive centers where the demand of air fills are high and require a compressor that need to be run for many hours a day.
This compressor are equipt with the extra options of Interstage Pressure Gauge, Oil Pressure Gauge and Oil Pressure Monitoring. A true workhorse among compressors in this size.

LW Compressor Air CoolerLW Air Cooler. The life of a filter is strongly influenced by the running temperature of the compressor and ambient temperature.
For example: LW 450 E III at +20°C outlet temperature has a filter life of approx.38 hrs, at +35°C this time is reduced to just 10 hours! If the air is cooled down to +3°C after the final compression stage before it enters the final separator, the life of the filter cartridge can be extended up to 6 times, in extreme tropical conditions 10 times! It's not just money to be saved but also downtime as we don't have to stop the compressor for filter change so often and we know it always happen when you need it most.

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