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Warm Water Wetsuits Sirius On Super Sale

Equipment TSoderstrom COMMENTS 22 Apr, 2021

Waterproof 20th anniversary collection on sale, it was awhile ago but it is still smart looking suits with great features

Waterproof Sirius 3mm shorty

Just because anyone can make a 3mm suit does not mean that Waterproof just followed the pack. As a part of our 20th anniversary collection we wanted something special – and we have it in both our Capri 3mm full suit and the Sirius 3mm shorty.
We started by including all the feature you have come to expect in every Waterproof product like gender specific fit and sharp Scandinavian styling. Sirius discounted price Php 2,995

Waterproof Capri 3mm full wetsuitAdditionally we included all of the features from our heavier lines like relief zippers in the neck, rash guards in the wrist and ankles, a 3D construction sculptured to fit human movements. We realise that just because you are diving the tropics does not mean your suit no longer matters so we combined all of our features into a glued and double stitched premium neoprene suit.
When your backyard is the Artic Circle you learn that short cuts not pay – so we deliver premium design and quality in every suit we make from the artic capable to the tropical. Capri discounted price Php 3,595

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